Our site is 100% free to post ads, browse ads, and respond to ads. Once you post your first free ad you will be able to create an account. Because you do not need an account to browse ads or respond to them, there is not an option to create an account before posting an ad. Below are some guidelines on how to post a good, quality ad.

How to Begin

To start the ad posting process, simply click the “Post an ad” link in the top right corner of any page.

Select Category

When selecting a category, you want to match it as close to your ad as possible. For example, if I was to sell a bicycle I would select the “Items for Sale” category and then the “Bicycles” subcategory.

Select Location

If you post your ad in a particular city, the ad will be visible to everyone browsing the city level, state level, and country level. However, if you do not specify a city and state, the ad will only be visible to people browsing on the country level. We ask that you do not post the same ad in more than one city or category. With the way our search works, if you post your ad in a particular city our system will automatically display the ad in search results for nearby cities as well. This way your ad gets better visibility without you having to re-post it.

Ad Title and Asking Price

Your ad title should be descriptive but not too long and you should be clear in what you are advertising. If you were selling a car for example, you should consider including the year, make and model in the title of the ad.  Example:  “2006 Toyota Avalon for sale” vs “car for sale”

The asking price is completely up to the seller/advertiser. If you are unsure what price to list you can include terms like “obo” (or best offer) or “firm” to let people know where you stand on the price.


In the description field you should include specific details about what you are advertising. The more information you provide the more likely someone will respond to your ad.

The fields for your personal information will be shown on the ad, except for your email address. You can choose to keep your phone number private as well by clicking the “Keep phone private” check box. You are not required to fill out all of the fields, only the email address fields because that is what is used to create your account.

Expiration Date

The default expiration date is six months from the date the ad is posted. You can change the date at any time by using our easy editing process. Remember to remove your ad once the item has sold or is no longer available.

Security Code

To verify that you are a real person and not a robot, we require  you to enter a simple 5 digit security code. The code will be accepted with upper or lower case letters, as long as the letters are correct.


If you are selling an item we recommend that you post photos of the item if possible. Each ad can have up to 5 photos. To upload a photo simply click the “Choose File” button. Select the image file from your computer that you would like to upload and click “Open”. You can rotate, delete, or move the order of the photos before posting the ad.


When you have finished filling out your ad and you are ready to publish it simply click the “Post this ad” link at the bottom of the page.

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